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Fiction, Poetry, and Everything in Between


Fiction, Poetry, and Everything in Between

I write a lot of things. Sometimes, they don’t fit into a single genre.


Short story: KEy

A short story in a near-future sci-fi setting.

Available on Google Drive.


Twine STory: Thorns

Thorns is an interactive story built in Twine. It has four distinct endings based on both the player’s choices and the variables set within the game. There are also fail states that can pop up during the game if the player lacks certain resources.

A retelling of Beauty and the Beast that combines elements from different versions of the tale as well as original elements. The game starts the night that Belle (the Player) decides to escape from the Creature of Fomorian. As the game progresses, the Player is ultimately able to decide the fate of both Belle and the Creature of Fomorian. They also learn more about Belle’s family, the Creature, and the local legends of the village that Belle is from if they elect to click on different links within the game.

This game is currently in the scripting process.

A beta version is available on


Creative Nonfiction Twine essay: Katabasis

Katabasis is an interactive creative nonfiction essay based on the way people tend to explore Wikipedia. No one ever stays on one page for long. When people explore Wikipedia, they tend to jump between related topics. This game is designed to mimic that, using a collection of short, personal essays that relate back to the central topic and words within it. Katabasis is produced in Twine using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with the intention of it looking like Wikipedia visually.

Available on


MElete Zine Issue 1: Editor and writer

Essay: To Become deviant: defining deviancy in “detroit: become human"

The Melete Zine is intended to be a collaboration between artists and literary scholars/critics to create a zine that is both a work of art and a meditation on different fandoms. Every issue draws upon a new theme. Things are born in the space where things have died. We learn, we grow, we start again. The inaugural zine focuses on life cycles, transformation, and new beginnings.

The essay, “To Become Deviant: Defining Deviancy in Detroit: Become Human examines the process and creation of deviants within the game.

PDF available for free on Gumroad.