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Fiction, Poetry, and Everything in Between


Fiction, Poetry, and Everything in Between

I write a lot of things. Sometimes they don’t fit into a single genre.



Growing Up Three Miles Around The Pentagon, Pidgeonholes 2019
Upcoming publication with Pidgeonholes literary journal.


Key, 2018
A short story in a near-future sci-fi setting following the growing relationship between two mecha pilots. This story is in the submission process. Please DM on Twitter for access.

“Everything in Between”

Katabasis, December 2018
Katabasis is an interactive creative nonfiction essay based on the way people tend to explore Wikipedia. No one ever stays on one page for long. When people explore Wikipedia, they tend to jump between related topics. This game is designed to mimic that, using a collection of short, personal essays that relate back to the central topic and words within it. Katabasis is produced in Twine using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML with the intention of it looking like Wikipedia visually.

M.A. Thesis

The Player’s Journey: Ludology and Narratology in Modern Gaming, May 2018
Graduate Thesis. This thesis examines the evolution of gaming criticism (specifically ludology and narratology) and games as a medium of expression through the use of case studies.

Conference Papers

Only Human: An Analysis of Humanity in “Fullmetal Alchemist”, March 2018
A paper presented at the inaugural Supernatural Studies Association conference. This paper analyzes the relationship between the homunculi (and in particular the homunculus Greed) and humans within the manga Fullmetal Alchemist.


A House of Pomegranates: Tales of Love, Beauty, and Displacement, December 2016
An analysis of Oscar Wilde’s collection, A House of Pomegranates. This essay attempts to find the connection between the works and in particular, an explanation for the title.

The Tale of Virginia: Katabasis in The Canterville GhostOctober 2016
A brief essay analyzing The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde, focusing specifically on the character of Virginia and her katabasis, or journey to the Underworld.

Charity Zines

Full Bloom Zine, August 2019
Joined the zine as a writer. All profits are going to Conservation International.

Florawatch: An Overwatch Fan Zine, August 2019
Joined the zine as a writer. All profits will be going to a charity to be voted on by the contributors.