A. Morgan Fuchs
A. Morgan Fuchs' Portfolio

Game Writing

Game Writing 


Sponsored Writer: Tales (In Beta)

Writing and providing the narrative design for multiple titles within the app including Mirror, Mirror and an unannounced title.

Available on the Apple App Store.


Game Writer and Designer: Witch’s Brew (coming soon…)

Writing and providing the narrative design for an upcoming Episodes game.


Freelance Game Writer: Whattastory! (In Beta)

Provided multiple stories for the upcoming app including Flying High and and Lady Starberry.

Available on GooglePlay.


Additional Writing: Civilization VI: Rise and Fall (2018)

Provided writing for Civilopedia entries and quotes for Wonders.

Available on Steam.


Twine Game: Not a Dungeon Crawl

A brief exploration of environmental storytelling created for a 24-Hour Twine build.

Available on itch.io.


Twine Game: Thorns

Writing and providing the narrative design. This project is currently on hold.

Available on itch.io.